The Women's Home is a three-story, single-family, detached home with approximately 4800 square feet of living space (see: Photos). It has the capacity to house up to 12 residents and a resident manager. It is located in a pleasant neighborhood, convenient to public transportation, near the Virginia Hospital Center. The Home is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a residential community-based provider of substance abuse services.

The Home is a secure and structured environment for women in early recovery. Through the individual counseling and group sessions residents learn to identify risks to recovery. They develop and establish behaviors necessary for maintaining long term sobriety. Each resident works on her own individualized treatment plan. In addition to staffed sessions, residents are required to attend a minimum of five AA or NA meetings a week and to log daily recovery activities. A resident manager provides additional support and security. The counselors and Board of Directors are supported by and Executive Director.

The Home monitors the activities of residents through approval for offsite passes, curfews and signing in and out of the facility. The Home requires total abstinence and emphasizes personal responsibility as the foundation of sober living. Random urine screens are conducted to help insure abstinence is maintained. Residents stay a minimum of three months and a maximum of one year.

The residents are required to pay for their room and board at the Home. Most of them work full or part-time jobs. All residents gather every evening to prepare dinner and eat together. They share household chores to maintain the Home and its grounds. They often plant and cultivate a summer fruit and vegetable garden.

The residents come from all walks of life and a variety of geographic locations in Virginia and surrounding states. They span all age and ethnic groups. An average of 30 women live in the Home each year.